Bitcoin Futures Info


You are probably looking for the Bitcoin Futures Market Share site.

It shows you a total overview of the bitcoin futures market with market share, premiums, open interest, volume -- for both offshore and listed exchanges, and cash-settled and deliverable.

I used to work in investment banking, then got involved in academic research, and now dedicate my time to cryptocurrency markets.


My graduate degree is in Econometrics and I have years of research on macroeconomic policy, financial engineering, and health economics.


I do stuff in cryptocurrency derivatives, having advised and consulted on design of financial products based on cryptocurrency such as peer to peer lending vehicles, futures, and prediction markets.


I have worked on a number of trading related projects in FX, futures and then crypto: including 1broker trading app, Coinorama market data, and various algos in python and MQL


I can be found on Whalepool Telegram and Teamspeak. #NeverTradeAlone

You can read various posts I have made on the above topics from the links above or on Medium.

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Concept/creator: swapman - Head developer: instabot
Instabot is also founder at Alertatron, an alerting and trading automation service.